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( Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 11:38 pm)
While watching HGTV: I heard "buttless pantry" -- I guess they really said "butler's pantry."

Happy New Year!!!

We spent New Year's Eve with our friends Kim and Gale and two of their friends. We partook in their tradition of pork and sour kraut to "clean you out" for the new year. At midnight we watched the ball drop in Times Square, waved glows sticks, and snuck in a smooch. We got home safely and entertained the cats with glow sticks before we fell asleep.

Today we are appreciating the last day of vacation by hanging out. We watched the Rose Parade and a movie. Molly made a really lovely dinner, too. Tomorrow we go back to life -- I am working at the library and Molly is taking a J-Term class on Ernst Troeltsch. She started it 2 years ago, but things didn't work out so well, since that is when I had my major surgeries. I think things will go much better this time.

And poor Sparky has the snot-filled snuffles again :( Poor kitty!

Best wishes for a blessed and peaceful new year!

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