Dear Friends,

I am sorry I haven't been in touch lately, but I'd like to share an update with you now.

We've kept busy this year. Our schedule has been very different, since Molly has been doing her field education at an inner-city church in Cleveland, commuting 2-hours one way, at least twice a week, since June. We've both also been continuing our work-study jobs at the MTSO library. This year I've been studying Biblical Greek. In the fall I took classes on the book of Genesis and on women in the New Testament world. This spring I've had an independent study looking at some themes in some of the earliest Gospel writings (Q, Thomas, and Mark).

The big new is that we are graduating on May 17th! I'm finishing my Master's of Theological Studies (MTS), while Molly is finishing her Master's of Divinity (MDiv). We will be staying here for another year while Molly finishes her second degree, a Master's of Counseling Ministries (MACM). She will be doing clinical pastoral education (CPE) as a chaplain in a hospital setting, followed by a practicum in the same setting. I am hoping to find a good job here (full time, with insurance, please!) while I check out PhD programs. I hope to be able to begin doctoral studies in the Fall of 2009. With this degree I would like to be able to teach biblical languages (among other things), perhaps in a seminary setting.

I hope to be able to keep you updated. Please feel free to pass my update on to other friends who are interested. I hope to hear how you are doing as well :)

Thank you for your prayers and support during my seminary journey.

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