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( Saturday, March 8th, 2008 05:47 pm)

Our snow dragon
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Since we are having a blizzard and 15+ inches of snow, Molly decided we should build a snow person, which ended up being this snow dragon. For a while it looked like Zephyr, but it morphed into this lovely dragon.

It has nostrils of sunflower seeds, wings of dried tomato fronds, and eyes and horns of dried tomato leaves. (Its secret heart is a bird feather.)

We went out to feed the many birds who have been around this winter. Of course the feeders were not full when the blizzard hit, and the seed we bought this week is still in the trunk of Molly's car (under all that snow!).

We are enjoying our snow day, especially since we didn't have to go anywhere today (Level 3 snow emergency). Molly isn't going to Cleveland tomorrow either. They will have at least this much snow.

As I am writing this, it is 5:45, and the snow has finally stopped and it looks like the sun is coming out. This was the blizzard of 2008.

(oh, and click the picture to see the rest of the pictures I took today.)


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