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( Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 10:26 pm)
Well, now that I have my beloved laptop back (it was a failed logic board, apparently a huge problem for iBooks), I am continuing to upload pictures from our vacation. I am really disappointed, because, now, three weeks later, the details are not fresh in my mind anymore. Sigh . . . Anyway, do check them out on flickr!

Today is the third anniversary of Molly and I deciding to be together! We went out to dinner last night, because Wednesdays are really busy for us. As we were driving home last night along Stratford Road, we both saw a shooting star! So cool!

Tonight we heard a loon calling. We heard some when we were camping in Canada, but I hadn't heard one here! So awesome! I also saw our heron today after a little absence. The river level has been higher for a while, so it hasn't been wading for dinner right here much lately.

I had my 6-month check up on Friday. This morning I got results. My CA125 (the blood test) is fine, but the doctor wants me in for my annual exam (#&*(@ paying for it!!!) and to discuss the results of the ultrasound...ugh, gulp!!! What does that mean!!?? I have an appointment Friday afternoon to find out, but the not-knowing is not fun! I don't think it is the same stuff as two years ago, but I don't know what it is. Prayers and good thoughts please. I'll keep you posted!

To wrap this up on a better note, an online friend has hooked me on Free Rice, a vocabulary building game that contributes rice through the U.N. to end world hunger. I might be studying for the GREs! Now, PhD in Hebrew Bible/Language or MLS to be a reference librarian??
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( Sunday, October 28th, 2007 12:19 pm)
Originally, I heard that my dad had gone into the hospital last Saturday with a very contagious pneumonia. His wife called my mom who then called to tell me about it! Yesterday afternoon, I was able to call my dad at the hospital. He said that he thought it was just his COPD, so he hadn't done anything about it until he was anemic, coughing, having trouble breathing, and having blue fingers! It turns out he had a staph infection in his lungs and bacteria pneumonia. When I talked to him yesterday, he was feeling much better and hoping that he could finish his antibiotic treatment at home where he was more comfortable. I am so relieved that he is feeling better. I didn't know from the messages I got, exactly how sick he was. I didn't know if he was at death's door or what. It was good to talk to my dad, to find out how he really was, as well as to just catch up with him a little bit. We don't talk very often.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for his recovery. I really appreciate it.

I am hoping that my computer might come back this week. I've really missed it, and I am so behind on reading my friends' posts and everything.
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( Friday, March 9th, 2007 11:54 pm)
Lots of health news:

February 21, Molly's mom had quadruple bypass surgery. She was released from the hospital on the 26 and is recovering at home. Molly was able to be in California with her family during the surgery, so she saw her mom and dad as well as her sister and 2 nieces.

My mom had eye surgery on the 27th of February to try to repair a hole in the lining of the retina. She is recovering at home and still waiting to find out if the surgery was successful.

On March 6th, I fell going up the stairs on my way to the library on campus. I was in a hurry and carrying a lot of books. I hit the edge of the cement steps outside right across my right kneecap. X-rays at the ER showed that nothing is broken, but I do have sprained hip and a badly bruised knee. I am on crutches and now exploring the wonders of worker's comp. claims! Yesterday Molly and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get stuff for our textiles class, and I got to learn how to use a wheelchair -- fun! My pain meds is helping with the pain, but it makes me sleepy and my eyes unfocused so it is hard to read, which I need to be doing for school, esp. since I have a paper due next Tuesday. Sigh . . .

Anyway, that is what we've been up to, in a nutshell or a nuthouse.

Take care of yourselves!
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( Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 05:43 pm)

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In other news, I talked to my mom and my brother about Genghis. He was 11.5 years old. It happened very suddenly; Jeff had been petting him minutes before he died. Even the vet cried. They buried him at my grandma's house.

I'm trying to finish up my paper/project on Julian of Norwich. Then I need to start on another world religion ethics paper, comparing ethical norms in Middle Eastern religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, with the ethical norms in Indian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. After I finish that paper, I have to start an exegesis paper (and presentation) on the book of Susanna. And then . . . Sometimes this part of the semester sucks.

I saw the surgeon today. We're going to try the fiber supplement thing again, but we may end up doing a colonoscopy. Oh, Joy! Blech!

Anyway, back to the paper.
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( Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 03:19 pm)
I'm in the midst of papers and a sinus infection. I see the surgeon tomorrow about a recurrence of abdominal pain. It may be scar tissue. Think of me.

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( Monday, October 9th, 2006 03:29 pm)
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School began at the end of August, so I haven't been posting so much. I've been reading my friends page, though!

I am back in school. I work about 15 hours a week at the school library, every morning from opening until about 11ish. I volunteered to be in charge of the bulletin board and display case this year. So far, so good.
I am taking 3 classes. Tuesday night I have Daniel and other Apocalyptic Literature. We've looked at I Enoch and a bunch of other early literature. I did a presentation on The Sibylline Oracles, Book III, with April. I have an exegesis paper and presentation at the end of the semester on Susana. Thursday afternoons I have The History of Christian Spiritualities. I read a great book for it called Engaged Spirituality: Ten Lives of Contemplation and Action. I'm working on future projects on Julian of Norwich and Marian Spirituality (as in the Virgin Mary). My third class meets 5 weekends over the semester (Friday evening and all day Saturday). This is Comparative Ethics of World Religions. We are looking at ethical issues in health care from different Christian traditions, as well as Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. I've got 3 papers and a 45 minute presentation in that class. There are only 9 students in it, so I really enjoy being involved in the discussion. Last week I had 3 papers due and LOTS of reading, so I was really quite stressed out. I've been doing so much better this semester with taking time for myself and balancing school with the rest of the life. I was keeping up and even ahead on my reading until last week. At least this week is reading week, and I can catch up again.

At the end of September I had my follow-up 6-month appointment to make sure the cancer hadn't come back. Both the ultrasound and the blood work were clear! Hooray! I'm having some other medical weirdness, but I don't know what it is.

If it isn't raining (or snowing) the rest of the week, Molly and I hppe to go camping. We didn't get out this summer, so we'd really like to go now. This past weekend we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We had a blast. The weather was perfect. Molly got a henna tattoo on her hand. I will take a picture of it. We saw two shows and lots of neat crafts. We ate a super yummy apple dumpling! Best of all we ordered our rings. I haven't been able to find a picture of them online, so I'll have to take a picture once they come. They are silver and made by Norman Greene from Berkeley. We are in the process of setting the date for our holy union -- probably later in May 2007, when school is over. Mark your calendars now!

Well, enough update for now.
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( Thursday, April 13th, 2006 01:23 pm)
This morning we were awakened by four noisy geese honking up and down the river. I'm not sure why they were honking so long and so loud, but it was certainly preferable to the way we were awakened yesterday.

Yesterday morning, a little after 8, we were awakened by knocking at our door. )

In other news . . .

Sorry I haven't been in touch much lately. Most days I don't have a lot of energy for too much, like answering emails or posting in LJ. My mood is rather
up and down most days, and I have a lot of anxiety. It makes it hard. Some days I get very discouraged and depressed. My medical events have changed a lot of my life, and I am trying to sift through and reconstruct. I dropped all my classes and lost my jobs this semester. I am registered for fall semester though. I am enjoying the time to read the books I want to read for fun! I also got out my spinning wheel again, and I have knitting projects and art supplies.

In health news, we are still waiting to hear when our oncologist appointment will be. We are hopeful that I won't need chemo. It is still very likely that I will need to have a complete hysterectomy, so I need to make decisions about childbearing soon. My incision is healing up quite well. Almost 4 inches at the top and 1 at the bottom are closed. I still have pain from time to time, but nothing too serious. I've been to the ER twice with severe pain since the
surgery, but I seem to be past that now, I hope!!! Molly changes my bandages every day, and the home health nurses discharged me from their care on Wednesday. I see the surgeon again for follow-up on the 24th.

I am getting my strength and energy back, so I am able to enjoy outings more. Molly and I went to The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Monday. It was a nice change of pace and place. We saw )

I hope you all are well. I will try to keep in touch a little better, and hopefully there will be updates more often. Happy Spring!!!


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