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( Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 09:34 pm)
The article I was interviewed for in The Chronicle of Higher Education is out now :) You can see the picture of me they chose to use here (this week only). The picture is me looking dismayed/distressed at my medical bills. If you have online access to The Chronicle, you can read the article there. Otherwise many libraries and academic institutions subscribe to it. If you have no way at all to access the article, let me know, and I'll see if I can hook you up!

The article is ok. It isn't as entirely accurate (at least about me) as I had hoped, but hopefully it will make the issue more widely known and maybe something can be done about it. I know health insurance and the health care system is a huge problem, not just for students. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I know the way it is now in the United States just isn't working. I am so fortunate to have been treated at a hospital which does indigent care and has a HCAP program to take care of many of the bills that my insurance would not cover. However, similarly to many uninsured people, I am reluctant to go to the doctor when I do have a problem, because I am not sure how I will pay for the care.
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( Sunday, July 9th, 2006 01:07 am)
On Monday, I had my photo taken for the article for which I was interviewed for the The Chronicle of Higher Education. The photographer, Ken Frick, came to the library at school and took pictures of me there. He wanted a setting that looked like a home office area, so we used the reference office. He took a bazillion pictures of me sitting at the desk looking at my medical bills and insurance statements. Then he took another billion pictures of my insurance claims. The editors at the magazine will have lots to choose from. He was very friendly and easy to work with.

The author of the article, Elizabeth Farrell, called mid-week for a few clarifications and follow up questions. She says the article will be out next week. It will be in the online edition and the paper edition. She says she'll send me some paper copies! Most college libraries get The Chronicle of Higher Education, so we'll hopefully be able to track down copies, and far-flung friends and family will be able to see it, too.

Wednesday Molly and I also met with a very helpful person at school who was willing to look at my medical bills and insurance junk with me. She is even calling some of the providers to see if they would be willing to negotiate about total payments and payment plans. What a Godsend! Molly and I made a spreadsheet of the insurance and bills, so it seems easier to deal with. With the HCAP program, instead of owing something like $124,000, I probably will end up paying somewhere around $9,500. Much better, but still difficult on a student budget. I am much more confident now that things will work out!
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( Thursday, June 15th, 2006 12:11 pm)
Yesterday was pretty exciting for me.

Tuesday night I had an email notification about a comment on one of my lj entries. It was the entry in which I ranted about my health insurance and medical bills. A reporter from The Chronicle of Higher Education had found and read this entry. She is writing an article on student health insurance and wanted to interview me. I think that is great: anything to shed some light on the situation and help others in this kind of situation.

She called me yesterday afternoon, and we talked for quite a bit. She asked all about my illness and surgeries, about the insurance and the bills, and about how I'm dealing with it all. She says she's heard other complaints about the insurance company that our school chose. I think she was surprised when I told her I thought I would have been better off without any insurance at all. I gave her contact information for the person at school she could talk to. She said they will want to take a picture of me, so a local photographer will be contacting me. The article will be out in the next few weeks. I'll let you know!

I don't necessarily think it will be bad publicity for MTSO, and the school rep. seemed excited about me doing the interview and about answer questions for the reporter. We shall see how it all turns out!


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