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( Saturday, June 30th, 2007 09:15 pm)
Yesterday at Meijer, a wild sparrow had flown into the main store from the garden center/greenhouse area. It was fluttering from perch to perch near the pet section. We heard a lot of chittering from the pet birds there. By the time we got to that section, the wild bird had flown off, but the effects of its visit were evident. All the caged pet birds were agitated, and more than a couple were climbing the fronts of their cages and trying their hardest to get out, so that they, too, could fly away, like their wild cousin.

Today, Molly and I went up to Cleveland to a free women's health fair held at St. Paul's Community Church where Molly is doing her field ed. The health fair was a part of W.I.S.H. Women into Saving their Health. It included free t-shirts, health screenings, and information on health conditions and area free or low-cost health providers. There was lots of free fruit and a cooking demonstration. We learned a little tai chi, but missed the free massage :( The event concluded with a short(ish) presentation by a doctor on preventing cancer, esp. breast cancer. These types of events are held in various neighborhoods in Cleveland to reach women and raise health awareness. St. Paul's is an "inner city" church with many outreach programs -- food pantry, clothing thrift shop, etc., so it was a good place hold to the event as well as reach out to the women in that neighborhood who perhaps wouldn't otherwise have access to these types of informations and resources, let alone fresh fruit. It was a good event. Molly and I missed out on the massages, because we were sent out to hand out fliers about the event at a local grocery store and market. Once we found the store (being entirely new to the area), we were able to give out the fliers we had.

After the event, we went over to swim in Lake Erie. It was a gorgeous day -- sunny, mostly clear skies, breezy, and not too hot. We swam for a while at Edgewater Park, which is only a little ways from the church. You can see the Lake from the church, but it isn't as easy to get to the lake. We put on tons of sunscreen, but we both came home redder than when we left. The water was very nice today :) Lots of people were flying kites at the park on winds from the lake. We need to fly the kites Molly's sister, Cindy, gave us for our Holy Union. This park might be the place for it :)

I discovered a new artist this weekend. I am intrigued by his music. You can check out some of his music (with videos) at Youtube: Grace Kelly, Love Today, and Big Girl (You are Beautiful). You can also download one song, Grace Kelly, with some info. about MIKA, as well as checking out his website. I have eclectic tastes in music :)

I hope you all are having a great weekend. I am pleasantly worn out.
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( Thursday, May 31st, 2007 10:07 pm)
Our Holy Union was Saturday, May 26, 2007, and everything went well. The photo here is of our family members who were in attendance: my mom Marge, brother Jeff, and sister Chris; Molly's mom Betty and dad Bob, her sister Cindy, and sister Michelle and her husband Tom. One of Molly's friends from college, Perry, took this photo for us. This photo was taken after the ceremony (the paraments had already been changed for Pentecost the next day). I have some pictures posted on flickr, but I hope to get more from the other people who attended (Hint, hint).

We had a nice number of people able to attend, given the distance and the holiday weekend. The semester ended May 18th. I actually finished the semester with no incompletes or extensions! We attended graduation on the 19th to support our friends and went out to Buca di Beppo's with Cathy to celebrate. Then we started cleaning house and finishing up all those other "details" like ordering the cake and the flowers and putting together a liturgy. Big thanks to Cathy who helped us clean one afternoon and took some boxes and bubble wrap off of our hands! Family started to arrive on Thursday. We took family to decorate the fellowship hall for our reception on Friday afternoon.

Saturday went well. One ring rolled away during the rehearsal, but it was quickly retrieved. The ceremony was quite lovely. Kim and Gale processed with us, one carrying the banner Molly and I had made, while the other brought in the Communion elements. Molly and I held hands. We lit candles on the altar. I read Ruth 1:16-19, and Molly read from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. Chris played a beautiful flute solo. Kim gave a great homily and led our families, our community, and us through our vows. Gale led us in Communion, which Molly and I served. It was beautiful.

The reception was fun. The potluck style seemed to work with enough food for those who stayed. Our cake was delicious! We ordered it from Nanak Sweet Shoppe, a Persian bakery. We were, of course, exhausted after all of this. We enjoyed the time with our families, the last of whom left on the 30th. I had a very stiff neck and painful left shoulder during the ceremony and until Monday or Tuesday. Thankfully it feels better now. Stress, I'm guessing! Molly, her parents, Cindy, and Perry went to the zoo on Sunday afternoon -- I wasn't feeling up to it, but I am looking forward to seeing what new exhibits are up. Molly's parents took us to COSI on Tuesday. I'd never been, and it was an awesome experience.

Thank you to everyone who has sent cards or gifts and helped out in any way. We have been so overwhelmed by the blessings of your support. That's all I can think of to post right now. Thank you!
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( Friday, March 9th, 2007 11:54 pm)
Lots of health news:

February 21, Molly's mom had quadruple bypass surgery. She was released from the hospital on the 26 and is recovering at home. Molly was able to be in California with her family during the surgery, so she saw her mom and dad as well as her sister and 2 nieces.

My mom had eye surgery on the 27th of February to try to repair a hole in the lining of the retina. She is recovering at home and still waiting to find out if the surgery was successful.

On March 6th, I fell going up the stairs on my way to the library on campus. I was in a hurry and carrying a lot of books. I hit the edge of the cement steps outside right across my right kneecap. X-rays at the ER showed that nothing is broken, but I do have sprained hip and a badly bruised knee. I am on crutches and now exploring the wonders of worker's comp. claims! Yesterday Molly and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get stuff for our textiles class, and I got to learn how to use a wheelchair -- fun! My pain meds is helping with the pain, but it makes me sleepy and my eyes unfocused so it is hard to read, which I need to be doing for school, esp. since I have a paper due next Tuesday. Sigh . . .

Anyway, that is what we've been up to, in a nutshell or a nuthouse.

Take care of yourselves!
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( Friday, February 16th, 2007 10:09 pm)

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Yup, today I got a haircut and donated 10 inches to Locks of Love. You can see a couple other pictures of the haircut on flickr, as well as some of my snow pictures. One reason I decided to donate my hair is that things this past year could have been very different. I might have had to have chemo and lose my hair. It has been a year now since the surgeries (2/7/06 and 2/13/07) and I am experiencing a lot of emotions as I remember the past year.

This has been an interesting week. Tuesday we got a lot of snow (see the snow pictures on flickr). I went to work at 8 am; Molly dropped me off and went to run some errands. We'd been checking the weather announcements and the school web site and email, but school seemed to be as scheduled. By the time I got logged in at work, the announcement that the school was closing at noon was up. The roads were not cleared much, and the snow was still coming down. The worst part seemed to be right at the entrance to school. Molly called from the pharmacy where she was doing errands and told me that she was coming to pick me up. Once we got home, it was nice to spend a day indoors. The next morning, the tv, web, and email said our school would reopen at 1, but they soon canceled it completely, since Delaware County was at a Level III snow emergency (meaning only vital persons should be out on the roads). So we got to spend a lot more time together on Valentine's Day than we would if it had a been a regular day. Usually on Wednesdays, I have class (Basic Texts of the Moses Tradition) from 8:30-11:20 and chapel from 11:30-12:30. Then Molly works from 2-10 at the library. Instead we had a very very nice Valentine's Day. We did take some time to dig out and clear off the car, so we could return to life as normal on Thursday. We didn't take frost on the inside of the car windows into account, so we still were a bit slowed on Thursday.

Molly is preparing to fly out to California on Tuesday. Her mom is having 5 way heart bypass surgery on Wednesday. Prayers and good thoughts for the family please! Molly plans to be gone for a week -- I'll miss her lots! So will the kitties!

Mostly I've just been busy with the new semester. Mondays I tutor for Hebrew in the morning and have my Introduction to Christian Ethics class in the afternoon. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings I work at the library. Tuesday afternoon is my Systematic Theology class. Wednesday morning is the Moses class. Thursday evening I'm auditing a class on Textiles in the Church. Molly is in that class, too. We get to do some neat hands on projects. It all keeps me busy.
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( Thursday, April 13th, 2006 02:24 pm)
This is a poem by Lela Florel from her book I Hear Your Name, Poems that Nurture and Empower:

Sometimes Things Happen

Sometimes things happen
And you are no longer strong
The fabric of your life is torn
A chasm opens up and you are lost alone
No trace of what was ordinary yesterday
Your new reality not yet born.
In a middle world you wander
Between the past and future.

Give yourself time and nurture
Grieve well, let go of losses
For you need to birth your future.
Look through the fabric’s hole
To see the endless choices,
Pulling tattered threads around you,
Weave in the chosen options,
Alone with old beloved patterns.

Step back into the stream of life
For life has chosen you to live
Strong again, and vibrant
In your new and vital garment.

Molly found it for me with a heart pendant at Woman Wisdom's online store. (You can also check out Lela's web site at The poem really expresses how I feel right now and gives me hope, because others understand how events in our lives can turn our lives around. Molly is so sweet and thoughtful :) Thank you!

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( Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 10:33 pm)
My big news is I finished my church history paper yesterday and got it turned in with 10 minutes to spare. Whew! I just hope it is adequate. And now I am exhausted.

In other news, Molly saw her doc. yesterday and had her meds. changed. We hope that won't be too disruptive, but we also hope it will be really effective. She had an odd experience at work today. Check out [ profile] theofem's journal for the full account. Molly's birthday is Monday :) I haven't thought of a great gift yet, but we'd like to go out to Buco de Beppo again. Unfortunately, Monday I have class until 9:30 and Molly works until 10. So it will have to be another night.

Our 1 year anniversary is October 31. And yes, I have class until 9:30 and Molly works until 10. So that also will have to be celebrated another night. I'm excited we've been "together" a year now. So much has changed . . .

We've watched a few films lately at home. We saw Serenity in the theater a few weeks ago, and we watched the series Firefly in the weeks before the movie came out. The movie seemed more violent than the series, but it was good. I like the music in the series and in the movie.

Mostly we've been watching movies at home. Lately we've seen Yentl, Better than Chocolate (which we loved), D.E.B.S. (Jordana Brewster is very cute in this movie!), Beetle Juice, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Amelie. (I haven't posted in a while!) We relax with movies (and computers) a lot. We belong to one of those online movie rental things.

Other than that school has been keeping me busy. The last few weeks have been tough, with all the papers. The next ones aren't due until November (don't tell me that is just a few weeks away). I'm enjoying my classes, but I lack much of a sense of direction these days, which is frustration. Plus Molly's anxieties have been stressful all around. Hopefully things are looking up!
Molly is starting to feel better, more stable, but she is still pretty stressed, esp. as she deals with how far she is behind in school work from the time she wasn't able to do it. It is a relief that she is feeling some better though!

I have written two of the three papers I need to do this week! Somehow they got done. Now I just have the 10-15 page Church History one left. I'm reading on it and hopefully will start writing tomorrow. Think of me!
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( Thursday, October 13th, 2005 02:10 pm)
This week is "reading week" at school, during which one is supposed to catch up on one's reading for classes. It is not a fall break. I wasn't behind on my reading, but I am spending my time working on the three papers I have due next week! I have a Hebrew exegesis paper due Monday. I am translating Ruth 1:8-19 and then going to write a 5 pager on that. Unfortunately in class, we've been concentrating on Hebrew and translation and not much on how to exegete. For Tuesday, I have a 5 pager comparing the portrayal of Jesus in two of the gospels. I think I'll compare Mark and John. Then for Friday I have 10-15 page research paper on the writings of Syncletica, one of the desert mothers. I am very encouraged to write this one, since last week the professor scolded us for writing such awful first papers.

So this semester I am taking three class: Hebrew Exegesis, New Testament, and Church History I. NT and CH are fitting well together, because our NT text is using an historical approach. The CH professor is an excellent lecturer. The other classes are good, too. This year I am working two campus jobs -- continuing at the library and now also working with the COS coordinator. COS (Course of Study) is a five year study program for licensed local pastors. It is course work for people in the UMC over 35 instead of seminary. I do filing, photocopying, record keeping, and other office tasks, as well as helping with registration, invoicing, contracts, etc. -- whatever they ask me to do. So I am keeping busy.

Plus Molly hasn't been feeling so great lately and that has been stressful all around. But the cats are wonderful :)

And all this is just to say, "I'm sorry I haven't been posting in my lj. Maybe I'll post again sometime soon . . . "


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