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( Monday, December 17th, 2007 06:41 pm)

Well, we survived the semester, the end of the semester, and the winter weather weekend. 

The last week was busy -- a weekend class, a paper finished on Sunday, an exam on Monday, work at the library with many book returns, and a paper due Friday night.  I was well on my way with my final paper on Friday, when, mid-afternoon, my computer stopped working correctly and then stopped working at all.  After panicky calls to local computer repair places (half of which had had their phones disconnected), Molly and I headed down to Columbus to the Apple Store.  The Apple Store is at the Easton Mall, which (for us, at least) is very upscale and yuppie, but it was very pretty with all the Christmas lights and horse drawn carriages.  Once we found a parking spot and waded through all the crowds, we got to the Apple Store and had time to look around and develop envy for fancy, expensive things.  I was playing with the iPod Touch -- so cool!!!!  So wonderful and delightful!  Aggg, and so expensive.  We had fun!  The Mac Genius was able to fix my laptop by reinstalling some stuff, so it is good to go now.  I had to reload my Greek and Hebrew fonts (which I needed for my paper), and I still haven't gotten the mail program set to do POP mail for campus again, but the laptop is working great now -- thank goodness.  (I've always been able to set up my POP email account with no trouble at all, so I don't know what is wrong this time.)  My professor was very understanding, and I finished the paper Saturday. 

Saturday Molly needed to head up to Cleveland for her church job for the Christmas pageant rehearsal and a sleepover before the pageant on Sunday morning.  She needed to make the costumes and buy the materials to make them.  It had started snowing midmorning and had added up quite quickly.  She set out with plenty of time but arrived late.  Al the way up there, she saw cars off the road, and it took her many hours to get there.  I've heard the rehearsal was chaotic, and Molly was up until all hours making costumes and then was serenaded by a symphony a snores at the sleepover.  The actual performance went very well.  Here in Delaware, it snowed all day Saturday, with ice pellets later in the evening.  The snow started in again about 8 a.m. Sunday morning.  It took Molly all afternoon to get back home.  The roads in Cleveland were really bad, there were whiteout conditions at some places along the interstate, and ice!  She stopped for a while to let the whiteouts pass and stopped a second time to replace her windshield wipers that had broken with the ice. 

Today we are both just hanging out at home, though we need groceries and to do laundry.  The county was at a level 1 snow emergency earlier, and it's been cold, so we were happy to stay in.  I did some  Christmas shopping online, and we napped.

I took some pictures on Saturday and Sunday and posted them on flickr.  They are all taken from the bedroom window overlooking the Olentangy River.  The first set was taken early in the morning looking at the high river level.  The next set were taken in the middle of the afternoon and reflect the snowfall and a higher river level.  The last ones were taken Sunday morning and show the river level, the melted snow, and the beginnings of the new snow.

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( Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 10:47 pm)

My mom sent me a set of pictures of before-and-after the ice storm that hit Iowa this week.  Some of the trees really took a beating :(  On the other hand, the ice is really beautiful, as long as you aren't trying to go anywhere or counting on your electricity.  This picture is from the "before" category.  I saw Iowa City on CNN last night. I recognized it from the first picture, even before they identified it. Oh, sometimes I do miss Iowa City a lot.

Here in Ohio, we had rain the last several days, that has really washed/melted away the snow we had.  The Olentangy is really up.  We are fortunate that the course of the river seems to be shifting to the far side, or we'd be thinking of moving our furniture upstairs :)

Still slogging through finals week.  Finished my NT paper on Sunday and took my Greek final on Monday.  My Genesis paper is due Friday, so I've been working on that.  Molly is finishing up her NT paper, too.  Work has been busy with people returning all the books they've used this semester.  Just a lot of reshelving to do.  I'm looking forward to being done, because I am worn out and looking for a few days off :)

And, just for you, a few quotes (Please bear with me, I'm experimenting with a new blog editor):

'As far as we can discern, the whole purpose of existence is to light a candle of meaning in the darkness of mere being.’  --CG Jung

‘The awakening of any individual is a cosmic event.        --Clark Emery

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do, If bees are few.   -- Emily Dickinson

"Wake up and realize this is all made up of Thoughts, just Thoughts.
Your appreciation of beauty is a Thought
Your aversion to an object that is ugly is a Thought
Your craving or aversion is nothing but a passing Thought in the mind.
Realize this is just a Thought and you will be free."
-- His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Discerning signs does not seek spectacular proofs or await the miraculous, but, rather, it means sensitivity to the Word of God indwelling in all Creation and transfiguring common history, while remaining radically realistic about death’s vitality in all that happens.  William Stringfellow

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.    Vincent van Gogh

I've made an odd discovery. Every time I talk to a savant I feel quite sure that happiness is no longer a possibility. Yet when I talk with my gardener, I'm convinced of the opposite. - Bertrand Russell, philosopher, mathematician, and author (1872-1970)

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha

I often think of the Jewish belief that the Creator already knows all of human history - and then I think of Her sitting in heaven right now, listening to these bands, exclaiming, "At last I can hear it live!"  Ari Davidow (from the LJ of [ profile] ellen_kushner)

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( Saturday, January 20th, 2007 09:53 pm)
You know the Bible 100%!

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Though I am relieved that I appear to know something about the Bible, since I am a seminary student!

Last week I finished my papers from Fall 2006 semester. I've yet to get my grades, but at least it is done. The next semester starts January 29 (my birthday). I will be taking Introduction to Christian Ethics (3rd time is the charm!), Systematic Theology, and Basic texts of the Mosaic Tradition (I think it focuses on Exodus). I'm sure that will keep me busy. I plan to continue working at the school's library, even though we are doing more transitions (new catalog and new procedures). It's been rough ever since we got a new circulation supervisor. Sigh . . . Plus I may have another job lined up in an area of interest (I'll let you know next week.)

I know I haven't posted much in a while. Let's see what I'll been doing. In December, at the end of the last week of the semester, Molly and I drove up to Frankfort, MI, for Cathy and Mike's wedding. It was just lovely, and we cried. I love northern (LP) Michigan, and I got to show Molly Interlochen, where I worked 2 summers. I think eventually I will have some pictures from that trip. We found the free WIFI in downtown Frankfort to check our email :) It was good to see Cathy's family and friends again. I had gone home with her for Thanksgiving 2004 and met all these nice folks.

Molly and I had a nice quiet Christmas here. We went to North Church for Christmas Eve morning, and Gale's church in Marion for Christmas Eve evening service and dinner. We decorated our little tree and the living room. Molly got me a beautiful necklace that I'd been wanting (you can see the pendant here). I used the money my grandma sent to buy a digital camera, which I had been wanting for some time. You can see some samples of my new photography at flickr. I'm still learning to use the software.

I made a short trip to Iowa over New Years to help celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. I hadn't been back to Iowa since Christmas 2004. Some things change, some things don't. It wasn't a long enough trip to see any of my friends or get to Iowa City or anything -- bummer. I think my mom had a good birthday. We took her out to dinner, and her present finally arrived this week. We got her a gift card to a spa for a massage. We think she'll enjoy it. I also spent some time while in Iowa trying to come out to my grandma. I'm not sure how successful I was, as she was having a bad cold and bronchitis while I was there. She said she has a class reunion the weekend of our Holy Union ceremony (May 26). When I got back to Ohio, Molly's sister Cindy, niece Sierra, and Cindy's partner Val, were here visiting from California. It wasn't a long enough visit, but I hope they'll come again.

I'm still having fun medical adventures, with their lovely accompanying bills. Grrr . . . In December I had another abdominal CT scan (blech!), which showed nothing much but a possible hernia. In January I had a sinus CT scan, which was normal. Now I have to see an Ear Nose Throat specialist in February. Last week, I had a colonoscopy (the clean out and the IV are the worst parts), which was normal. I'm not sure what the next step is in that area to figure out the continuing abdominal pain. The hernia isn't serious enough to do anything. The surgeon says it may be adhesions from last years surgeries or maybe some gynecological problem. Meh! I guess I need to see a gynecologist.

This week we've been working some and cat sitting for Kim and Gale. I've just been hanging out and relaxing a bit before it all starts up again. I'll try to post again sooner, but there are no guarantees. I've been reading LJ daily, just not posting.
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( Friday, December 15th, 2006 08:49 am)
On the twelfth day of Christmas, jennywren129 sent to me...
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Six linguistics a-painting
Five cre-e-e-eation myths
Four word games
Three flash girls
Two prairie lights
...and a synaesthesia in a fantasy.
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That was fun!

Been busy with the end of semester and papers and presentations and all. Blech! I had to take extensions on two papers, so I am STILL working on stuff. Meh. . .
We are heading to Michigan this weekend for Cathy's wedding -- should be fun! Hopefully I'll be able to update more often soon. I will be in Iowa a few days over New Year's, so I need to get planning on that, too.

Plus the sinus infection that will NOT quit. I am on my fourth antibiotic, and the next step is a CT Scan if it still isn't cleared up. GRRR! Plus continued abdominal pain. I see the surgeon again next week for that. He's suggesting a colonoscopy -- oh joy.

Take care, everyone!
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( Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 05:43 pm)

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In other news, I talked to my mom and my brother about Genghis. He was 11.5 years old. It happened very suddenly; Jeff had been petting him minutes before he died. Even the vet cried. They buried him at my grandma's house.

I'm trying to finish up my paper/project on Julian of Norwich. Then I need to start on another world religion ethics paper, comparing ethical norms in Middle Eastern religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, with the ethical norms in Indian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. After I finish that paper, I have to start an exegesis paper (and presentation) on the book of Susanna. And then . . . Sometimes this part of the semester sucks.

I saw the surgeon today. We're going to try the fiber supplement thing again, but we may end up doing a colonoscopy. Oh, Joy! Blech!

Anyway, back to the paper.
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( Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 10:33 pm)
My big news is I finished my church history paper yesterday and got it turned in with 10 minutes to spare. Whew! I just hope it is adequate. And now I am exhausted.

In other news, Molly saw her doc. yesterday and had her meds. changed. We hope that won't be too disruptive, but we also hope it will be really effective. She had an odd experience at work today. Check out [ profile] theofem's journal for the full account. Molly's birthday is Monday :) I haven't thought of a great gift yet, but we'd like to go out to Buco de Beppo again. Unfortunately, Monday I have class until 9:30 and Molly works until 10. So it will have to be another night.

Our 1 year anniversary is October 31. And yes, I have class until 9:30 and Molly works until 10. So that also will have to be celebrated another night. I'm excited we've been "together" a year now. So much has changed . . .

We've watched a few films lately at home. We saw Serenity in the theater a few weeks ago, and we watched the series Firefly in the weeks before the movie came out. The movie seemed more violent than the series, but it was good. I like the music in the series and in the movie.

Mostly we've been watching movies at home. Lately we've seen Yentl, Better than Chocolate (which we loved), D.E.B.S. (Jordana Brewster is very cute in this movie!), Beetle Juice, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Amelie. (I haven't posted in a while!) We relax with movies (and computers) a lot. We belong to one of those online movie rental things.

Other than that school has been keeping me busy. The last few weeks have been tough, with all the papers. The next ones aren't due until November (don't tell me that is just a few weeks away). I'm enjoying my classes, but I lack much of a sense of direction these days, which is frustration. Plus Molly's anxieties have been stressful all around. Hopefully things are looking up!
Molly is starting to feel better, more stable, but she is still pretty stressed, esp. as she deals with how far she is behind in school work from the time she wasn't able to do it. It is a relief that she is feeling some better though!

I have written two of the three papers I need to do this week! Somehow they got done. Now I just have the 10-15 page Church History one left. I'm reading on it and hopefully will start writing tomorrow. Think of me!
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( Thursday, October 13th, 2005 02:10 pm)
This week is "reading week" at school, during which one is supposed to catch up on one's reading for classes. It is not a fall break. I wasn't behind on my reading, but I am spending my time working on the three papers I have due next week! I have a Hebrew exegesis paper due Monday. I am translating Ruth 1:8-19 and then going to write a 5 pager on that. Unfortunately in class, we've been concentrating on Hebrew and translation and not much on how to exegete. For Tuesday, I have a 5 pager comparing the portrayal of Jesus in two of the gospels. I think I'll compare Mark and John. Then for Friday I have 10-15 page research paper on the writings of Syncletica, one of the desert mothers. I am very encouraged to write this one, since last week the professor scolded us for writing such awful first papers.

So this semester I am taking three class: Hebrew Exegesis, New Testament, and Church History I. NT and CH are fitting well together, because our NT text is using an historical approach. The CH professor is an excellent lecturer. The other classes are good, too. This year I am working two campus jobs -- continuing at the library and now also working with the COS coordinator. COS (Course of Study) is a five year study program for licensed local pastors. It is course work for people in the UMC over 35 instead of seminary. I do filing, photocopying, record keeping, and other office tasks, as well as helping with registration, invoicing, contracts, etc. -- whatever they ask me to do. So I am keeping busy.

Plus Molly hasn't been feeling so great lately and that has been stressful all around. But the cats are wonderful :)

And all this is just to say, "I'm sorry I haven't been posting in my lj. Maybe I'll post again sometime soon . . . "


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