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( Sunday, July 15th, 2007 10:40 pm)
Yesterday was quite windy, so Molly and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out the two kites we had gotten from Molly's sister, Cindy, for our Holy Union. We took the kites to the big soccer fields at Mingo Park in Delaware. The kites were remarkably easy to assemble and a lot easier to fly than any kites we recall trying to fly in our childhoods.
Pictures of our kite flying adventures )
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( Thursday, April 13th, 2006 01:23 pm)
This morning we were awakened by four noisy geese honking up and down the river. I'm not sure why they were honking so long and so loud, but it was certainly preferable to the way we were awakened yesterday.

Yesterday morning, a little after 8, we were awakened by knocking at our door. )

In other news . . .

Sorry I haven't been in touch much lately. Most days I don't have a lot of energy for too much, like answering emails or posting in LJ. My mood is rather
up and down most days, and I have a lot of anxiety. It makes it hard. Some days I get very discouraged and depressed. My medical events have changed a lot of my life, and I am trying to sift through and reconstruct. I dropped all my classes and lost my jobs this semester. I am registered for fall semester though. I am enjoying the time to read the books I want to read for fun! I also got out my spinning wheel again, and I have knitting projects and art supplies.

In health news, we are still waiting to hear when our oncologist appointment will be. We are hopeful that I won't need chemo. It is still very likely that I will need to have a complete hysterectomy, so I need to make decisions about childbearing soon. My incision is healing up quite well. Almost 4 inches at the top and 1 at the bottom are closed. I still have pain from time to time, but nothing too serious. I've been to the ER twice with severe pain since the
surgery, but I seem to be past that now, I hope!!! Molly changes my bandages every day, and the home health nurses discharged me from their care on Wednesday. I see the surgeon again for follow-up on the 24th.

I am getting my strength and energy back, so I am able to enjoy outings more. Molly and I went to The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Monday. It was a nice change of pace and place. We saw )

I hope you all are well. I will try to keep in touch a little better, and hopefully there will be updates more often. Happy Spring!!!


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