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( Saturday, September 30th, 2006 10:41 pm)

Star tree
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We are so upset and so veryvery angry!!! The idiots who run our apartment complex cut down this beautiful, wonderful living tree today. It was right in front of our neighbor's house, and it provided a little shade for our apartment. The front of our apartment faces west, so it gets extremely hot in the afternoon when the sun shines full on it. We've burned ourselves on our metal front door before.

Molly and I were just sobbing about it. We stormed over to the management office and demanded to know why they'd slaughtered it. The person there hemmed and hawed about some dead stuff in it and liability, etc. Just trim the dead stuff out, idiots! Then she said that the seed bobbles (she called them burrs) were the reason -- people twisted their ankles on them or something. NO GOOD REASON!!!!!

And now the poor tree is dead. It was a beautiful sweetgum tree with star shaped leaves and spikey seed bobbles. When they cut it down, you could see that there was even a star in the center of the trunk. Moronic losers, not respecting living things. They already took out 47 ash trees in the complex this year. They said that we still have lots of trees. Not by our place. And that is no excuse to lose this one. The olive tree across the road that provided some shade blew down in a storm this summer. I love trees. I hate people who destroy them.
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( Sunday, July 9th, 2006 01:07 am)
On Monday, I had my photo taken for the article for which I was interviewed for the The Chronicle of Higher Education. The photographer, Ken Frick, came to the library at school and took pictures of me there. He wanted a setting that looked like a home office area, so we used the reference office. He took a bazillion pictures of me sitting at the desk looking at my medical bills and insurance statements. Then he took another billion pictures of my insurance claims. The editors at the magazine will have lots to choose from. He was very friendly and easy to work with.

The author of the article, Elizabeth Farrell, called mid-week for a few clarifications and follow up questions. She says the article will be out next week. It will be in the online edition and the paper edition. She says she'll send me some paper copies! Most college libraries get The Chronicle of Higher Education, so we'll hopefully be able to track down copies, and far-flung friends and family will be able to see it, too.

Wednesday Molly and I also met with a very helpful person at school who was willing to look at my medical bills and insurance junk with me. She is even calling some of the providers to see if they would be willing to negotiate about total payments and payment plans. What a Godsend! Molly and I made a spreadsheet of the insurance and bills, so it seems easier to deal with. With the HCAP program, instead of owing something like $124,000, I probably will end up paying somewhere around $9,500. Much better, but still difficult on a student budget. I am much more confident now that things will work out!


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