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( Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 11:29 am)
it is snowing here today 9and my left shift key isn't working0 but we are supposed to get sleet and ice on top of several inches. They canceled the heavy snow warning we had. Fortunately, neither molly nor i had anywhere we had to be today too desperately. molly has an appointment, but we don't have class or work and she isn't trekking up to Cleveland.

On the 3rd of February, my sister had a fairly major car accident in iowa, but Thank God! she is okay! There had been ice, and it was snowing quite heavily on top of that. She was heading up the interstate from osceola to indianola, when she slid into the median and rolled her car. Fortunately she didn't slide into oncoming traffic or off the steep incline on the right side of the road! i guess her car is totaled, but Christy on had sore muscles, a few tiny cuts, and a bump on her head from hours in a neck brace at the ER, where they checked her over pretty thoroughly. it was a nerve wracking afternoon here, while i waited to hear any updates. The accident could have been so much worse. Christy knows her guardian angel was watching her!

here in ohio, we are back in school. it is the last semester for molly and i!!!! Because of some financial aid mumbo jumbo snaffus 9maybe i'll write about that sometime0, neither of us have the federal loans we use for living expenses while we are in school. We can only get federal aid for class that are degree requirements. Since i technically finished my degree requirements in December, finishing up my year of Greek isn't covered. Grants are covering tuition, but the rest is somewhat up in the air. i am taking the second semester of Greek and an independent study on Jesus and nonviolence in the New Testament. All molly has left for her mDiv is her field ed., so all she has this semester is that class every other week, 10 hours in Cleveland a week, and whatever pittance of hours she can get at the library. i am at least getting a few more hours at the library, but hoping 9as always0 to find something else. my independent study is really interesting.
So far i am really reading a lot about the social and historical setting of Jesus and the nt. The book i read this week was Richard Horsley's Bandits, Prophets, and Messiahs: Popular Movements in the Time of Jesus -- very interesting and helpful in terms of giving me a lot of background on what was going on, its roots, and why it was happening. Now to place Jesus, his teachings, and his actions in that context.

molly only has cpe and a practicum left for her macm degree. She plans to work on that next year. After graduation, i hope to find gainful employment 9ideally library work9 for about a year, while i apply to phd programs in biblical languages. i would like to teach eventually. And if i can find gainful employment before graduation, that would be great to help with the financial situation. i've got a few applications in the works.

Well, that's a bit of an update from here. i've just had lj writer's block, which is really sad. Added to spotting wireless at home, and you just don't get me posting as often. now i am off to see if i can fix the shift key 9i hope this hasn't been too annoying for you. i'm not sure how annoyed i would be reading this.0

here are a few more quotes from the collection. enjoy! )
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( Friday, March 30th, 2007 12:54 pm)

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It is spring break week, and Molly and I have been busy. Unfortunately we were scheduled for LOTS of hours at work, because only a few people were around to work. However, we've also been busy working on some of the stuff for our Holy Union, to be held May 26th. We're working on invitations. We are gathering addresses and designing the invitation. I set up an event on Facebook. We registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond! That was fun -- dreaming of what we might someday want :) Plus there is schoolwork to get done, etc. Work has been somewhat more stressful than it had been for a while, since the old catalog ends tomorrow, and our supervisor hs been very stressed getting things transferred to the new system. Meh -- blech!

Our other news is Rosie! I will post pictures soon, but Rosie is our new gerbil :) She is very sweet and inquisitive and intelligent. We got her last night. She has a purple cage that sits by our computers so we can spend time with her. The cats, esp. Sparky and Zephyr, were fascinated. We need to train Zephyr how to interact nicely with Rosie and try to keep him from knocking her cage down or crushing it from above. She was very curious about them, too. She has wonderful whiskers =..= I will get pictures soon.


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