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( Monday, June 26th, 2006 10:20 pm)

Gracie and George
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Introducing Gracie and George, little bundles of energy. They are incredibly cute, but they can be exhuasting as they race, tumble, roll, wrestle, and scuffle across the floor. Luckily, we were only cat/house sitting for a few hours a day, or we'd be totally worn out. I have lots more pictures of the kittens on flickr:
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( Monday, June 26th, 2006 10:48 pm)

Charles de Lint
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On June 5, 2006 Molly and I headed down to Columbus to see Charles de Lint at the Barnes & Nobles The Ohio State University Bookstore. Charles de Lint is one of my most favorite authors, so it was a great treat to meet him!

Molly and I got downtown early, so we could treat ourselves to dinner in the Short North. We had yummy gyro platters at The Happy Greek.

When we got to the bookstore, we asked directions to the reading and were pointed upstairs. When we got upstairs, someone else was pointing us to the area where the reading would be held. We turned around and Mr. de Lint had come up the escalator right behind us. I turned fan girl then, but it was so cool to see him in person. We let the store employees set him up, as we went to find a seat. The area chosen for the reading was a corner with floor to ceiling window, which were letting in the full late afternoon-early evening sun and heat. The 40-50 (?) people who came to see Mr. de Lint, endured the sun.

Mr. de Lint was very casual and friendly. He took a picture of all of us with his digital camera to send to his wife MaryAnn, who'd been unable to come on this tour. He asked if we wanted him to read something or just do Q&A. We asked him to read, so he read a bit from his newest book Widdershins. Then he answered many questions -- it was great insight into his work and writing process. I was excited to be familiar with most of the authors and musical artists he mentioned, since I've been on his email list and hooked into various online communities.

After the questions, he signed books for people. I brought my copy of Widdershins, as well as a couple chapbooks and my second, and favorite (so far, because I haven't read them all), de Lint book, Someplace to Be Flying. He signed them all with his wonderful, squashed bug signature, and was amenable to let us get a picture or two with him.

All and all, it was a fabulous experience! Mr. de Lint suggested to the coordinator at the bookstore that they should try to get Neil Gaiman to come sign at the store! I can't wait for that :) We topped off the evening with ice cream at Cold Stone Creramery. I've even gotten Molly to start reading Charles de Lint's books -- she started on some of the chapbooks!

Have you ever met a favorite author or other person you admire? What was your experience?


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