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([personal profile] jennywren Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 10:26 pm)
Well, now that I have my beloved laptop back (it was a failed logic board, apparently a huge problem for iBooks), I am continuing to upload pictures from our vacation. I am really disappointed, because, now, three weeks later, the details are not fresh in my mind anymore. Sigh . . . Anyway, do check them out on flickr!

Today is the third anniversary of Molly and I deciding to be together! We went out to dinner last night, because Wednesdays are really busy for us. As we were driving home last night along Stratford Road, we both saw a shooting star! So cool!

Tonight we heard a loon calling. We heard some when we were camping in Canada, but I hadn't heard one here! So awesome! I also saw our heron today after a little absence. The river level has been higher for a while, so it hasn't been wading for dinner right here much lately.

I had my 6-month check up on Friday. This morning I got results. My CA125 (the blood test) is fine, but the doctor wants me in for my annual exam (#&*(@ paying for it!!!) and to discuss the results of the ultrasound...ugh, gulp!!! What does that mean!!?? I have an appointment Friday afternoon to find out, but the not-knowing is not fun! I don't think it is the same stuff as two years ago, but I don't know what it is. Prayers and good thoughts please. I'll keep you posted!

To wrap this up on a better note, an online friend has hooked me on Free Rice, a vocabulary building game that contributes rice through the U.N. to end world hunger. I might be studying for the GREs! Now, PhD in Hebrew Bible/Language or MLS to be a reference librarian??

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Happy Three Year Anniversary you two!

I hope it is really nothing to be worried about. If he isn't making you come in immediately, it can't be too serious.

I love being a reference librarian. :D

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I have become hooked on Free Rice as well. I was absurdly thrilled when I reached vocab level 49 for a few brief shining moments and donated 10,000 bowls of rice.

Thinking good thoughts for you, and also happy anniversary.

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Congratulations! I hope all the news is good. As for the grad school, they both sound good. Which one sounds like you could get up every morning and do? Course, if you go just on that, you'll probably end up a broke peace activist in the holy land. :-)


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