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( Thursday, October 13th, 2005 02:10 pm)
This week is "reading week" at school, during which one is supposed to catch up on one's reading for classes. It is not a fall break. I wasn't behind on my reading, but I am spending my time working on the three papers I have due next week! I have a Hebrew exegesis paper due Monday. I am translating Ruth 1:8-19 and then going to write a 5 pager on that. Unfortunately in class, we've been concentrating on Hebrew and translation and not much on how to exegete. For Tuesday, I have a 5 pager comparing the portrayal of Jesus in two of the gospels. I think I'll compare Mark and John. Then for Friday I have 10-15 page research paper on the writings of Syncletica, one of the desert mothers. I am very encouraged to write this one, since last week the professor scolded us for writing such awful first papers.

So this semester I am taking three class: Hebrew Exegesis, New Testament, and Church History I. NT and CH are fitting well together, because our NT text is using an historical approach. The CH professor is an excellent lecturer. The other classes are good, too. This year I am working two campus jobs -- continuing at the library and now also working with the COS coordinator. COS (Course of Study) is a five year study program for licensed local pastors. It is course work for people in the UMC over 35 instead of seminary. I do filing, photocopying, record keeping, and other office tasks, as well as helping with registration, invoicing, contracts, etc. -- whatever they ask me to do. So I am keeping busy.

Plus Molly hasn't been feeling so great lately and that has been stressful all around. But the cats are wonderful :)

And all this is just to say, "I'm sorry I haven't been posting in my lj. Maybe I'll post again sometime soon . . . "
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( Friday, September 16th, 2005 09:31 pm)
I am done with my paper!!!! Woo hoo! Yes, I have finished my first paper of the semester. It was for Church History I and about the Odes of Solomon. Earlier in the week I finished a bibliography on Wisdom/Sophia and Jesus for New Testament. I spent all day today working with Course of Study stuff, since they are meeting this weekend. We spent all morning making photocopies and last minute preparations. Most of the afternoon we registered students as they trickled in. I am tired. But the paper is done!!! Now on to study Hebrew and do more reading for New Testament and . . . zzzzzzzzzz


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