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( Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 10:26 pm)
Well, now that I have my beloved laptop back (it was a failed logic board, apparently a huge problem for iBooks), I am continuing to upload pictures from our vacation. I am really disappointed, because, now, three weeks later, the details are not fresh in my mind anymore. Sigh . . . Anyway, do check them out on flickr!

Today is the third anniversary of Molly and I deciding to be together! We went out to dinner last night, because Wednesdays are really busy for us. As we were driving home last night along Stratford Road, we both saw a shooting star! So cool!

Tonight we heard a loon calling. We heard some when we were camping in Canada, but I hadn't heard one here! So awesome! I also saw our heron today after a little absence. The river level has been higher for a while, so it hasn't been wading for dinner right here much lately.

I had my 6-month check up on Friday. This morning I got results. My CA125 (the blood test) is fine, but the doctor wants me in for my annual exam (#&*(@ paying for it!!!) and to discuss the results of the ultrasound...ugh, gulp!!! What does that mean!!?? I have an appointment Friday afternoon to find out, but the not-knowing is not fun! I don't think it is the same stuff as two years ago, but I don't know what it is. Prayers and good thoughts please. I'll keep you posted!

To wrap this up on a better note, an online friend has hooked me on Free Rice, a vocabulary building game that contributes rice through the U.N. to end world hunger. I might be studying for the GREs! Now, PhD in Hebrew Bible/Language or MLS to be a reference librarian??
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( Sunday, July 15th, 2007 06:56 am)
Up early, seeing Molly off to Cleveland for her field ed. job. I'm dealing with a persistent sinus headache and annoying random body aches (plus reading for my summer class that starts this week), so I didn't go with her this morning.
I was lying in bed, and I started to hear large splashing in the river. I went down to look, and it appeared to be fishes splashing around. I don't know if the were just getting surface bugs for breakfast or if they were fighting or feeling frisky or protesting the low water level or what. They were pretty big -- at least 10 inches to over a foot. I have seen people fishing in the river, but I'm not sure I would eat anything out of it. We pull a lot of trash out of it, when the water level is low, plus there seems to be some oily run off . . . But it was neat to see the fish this morning and figure out what was making so much noise.
As Molly was getting in her car, I stood on the sidewalk and watched loosely flocked birds flying north. There were 50+ spread out over the sky. They weren't tightly packed like the flocks you see in the fall.

The air is cool and clear this morning. I think I'll feed the kitties, dose my headache, and head back to bed. I'm afraid the AC will have to come on today, after two days of not (quite) needing it.
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( Saturday, June 30th, 2007 09:15 pm)
Yesterday at Meijer, a wild sparrow had flown into the main store from the garden center/greenhouse area. It was fluttering from perch to perch near the pet section. We heard a lot of chittering from the pet birds there. By the time we got to that section, the wild bird had flown off, but the effects of its visit were evident. All the caged pet birds were agitated, and more than a couple were climbing the fronts of their cages and trying their hardest to get out, so that they, too, could fly away, like their wild cousin.

Today, Molly and I went up to Cleveland to a free women's health fair held at St. Paul's Community Church where Molly is doing her field ed. The health fair was a part of W.I.S.H. Women into Saving their Health. It included free t-shirts, health screenings, and information on health conditions and area free or low-cost health providers. There was lots of free fruit and a cooking demonstration. We learned a little tai chi, but missed the free massage :( The event concluded with a short(ish) presentation by a doctor on preventing cancer, esp. breast cancer. These types of events are held in various neighborhoods in Cleveland to reach women and raise health awareness. St. Paul's is an "inner city" church with many outreach programs -- food pantry, clothing thrift shop, etc., so it was a good place hold to the event as well as reach out to the women in that neighborhood who perhaps wouldn't otherwise have access to these types of informations and resources, let alone fresh fruit. It was a good event. Molly and I missed out on the massages, because we were sent out to hand out fliers about the event at a local grocery store and market. Once we found the store (being entirely new to the area), we were able to give out the fliers we had.

After the event, we went over to swim in Lake Erie. It was a gorgeous day -- sunny, mostly clear skies, breezy, and not too hot. We swam for a while at Edgewater Park, which is only a little ways from the church. You can see the Lake from the church, but it isn't as easy to get to the lake. We put on tons of sunscreen, but we both came home redder than when we left. The water was very nice today :) Lots of people were flying kites at the park on winds from the lake. We need to fly the kites Molly's sister, Cindy, gave us for our Holy Union. This park might be the place for it :)

I discovered a new artist this weekend. I am intrigued by his music. You can check out some of his music (with videos) at Youtube: Grace Kelly, Love Today, and Big Girl (You are Beautiful). You can also download one song, Grace Kelly, with some info. about MIKA, as well as checking out his website. I have eclectic tastes in music :)

I hope you all are having a great weekend. I am pleasantly worn out.


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