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([personal profile] jennywren Monday, May 29th, 2006 10:17 pm)
Today we went up to Kim and Gale's to do laundry and to meet their new kittens, Gracie and George. Gracie is a grey stripey, and George is an dark oranged stripey. They are both so adorable. We forgot to take a camera up so we could take pictures of them to share, but we'll try to remember next time.

Last night my brother called me up with sad news. Our cat, Avagadro Phogg (we called him Foggy), had passed away yesterday and Jeff had found him. We think he was about 16 year old. He came to us when I was in high school and living in Burt, IA. We looked out the window one day and saw him rolling in the snow. We named him Phogg after the Carl Sandburg poem Fog which begins "The fog comes on little cat feet." I didn't have lots of friends in high school, so I really felt he was one of my best friends. We made up lots of songs and jokes and stories and nicknames for him, so he seemed to be much more than a cat. When I lived at home, at night he would sometime curl up to sleep on me across my pelvic area, so I would call him my chastity cat. He was gray and stripey and white. His feet were white like spats, and he had a little gray freckle on one toe of his left rear foot. I knew this day would come sometime, but I never wanted it to. I've felt bad because I haven't been as close to Phogg since I left home, and I haven't seen him since Christmas 2004. He was grumpy that visit, so it wasn't like old times.

I only have two pictures of him online. We got a scanner from a friend this weekend, but we haven't gotten it to work yet. Once we do, I have a lot of pictures I want to scan and put on Flickr.


This is Phogg curled up sleeping on a chair in our house in Burt, IA.

Christmas Phogg

This is Phogg under the Christmas tree in Osceola, IA, December 2004.

I will miss him a lot, but I have other kitties to love now, too. I feel sad for Mom, Jeff, and Christy, who have had more recent and frequent contact with him.

It's odd, but I am much sadder about Phogg's death, than I am about the recent news, that my biological maternal grandfather, Merlin Millsap, had died this month. I never met him. He left when my mom was about 2 years old. I've only seen one picture of him. That man would have been a stranger to me, but Phogg was a close personal friend and family member.

In other news, I'm reading a lot and seeing some great movies. We rent a lot of DVDs (from one of those online ones). I've been looking forward to seeing MirrorMask and Howl's Moving Castle, and I enjoyed them both (and recommend them!). I've been reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel and Tanya Huff's Long Hot Summoning in the Keeper's Chronicles and Blood Trail in the Blood Series. I just finished up a book of short fiction by Carol Emshwiller called I Live With You.


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