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( Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 12:04 am)
It has been a nice day. We have had snow -- giant flakes and slow flurries -- and bits of bright sunshine. I always like snow and sunshine for my birthday!

Today was also the first day of the spring semester. This morning I went to the Hebrew class that I will be tutoring for. I thought the class started at 10, but I was 10 minutes late, since it started at 9:50. Oh well, so much for first impressions. Thankfully I wasn't too freaked out about not having done too much brushing up on my Hebrew before the class. We shall see how it goes -- I will tutor on Monday mornings before class and whenever the students need me outside of that time. I will attend class on Monday, but I have my own class on Wednesday mornings and cannot attend the Hebrew class then.

In the afternoon I had my Introduction to Christian Ethics class. I think I will like it very much -- it will be very interesting. There are only 2 quizzes and a final. The professor is fascinating, and I think my class on ethics in world religions last semester will be a useful resource for this one.

This evening Molly took me out to dinner at a local restaurant downtown, called Avesta. It is somewhat eclectic cuisine. We had Greek salads and gyro platters -- yum! They gave us baklava to take home for desert. Molly got me a pumpkin cake which we ate with cinnamon ice cream. She gave me a beautiful cat figurine. I posted a picture of it here. It was made by Lynda Pleet of Harmony Ball. I received cards in the mail from my mom and grandma, and many online cards from friends. It has been a good birthday, and I have felt well and calm. It is a good way to feel. Now I am sleepy and heading off to bed, since I have to work at 8 and have another class in the afternoon.


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