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( Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 09:51 pm)
I went with Molly to Cleveland today for church. It was raining and in the 50s when we drove up. When we came it was really cold and snowing off and on. (ooh, make some online snowflakes.) It has been really windy, too. We made snow flakes in Sunday School, and some group had donated gifts for all the kids. We are tired, and I am not feeling so well.
Yesterday we finally got our tree decorated :) I'll take a picture. We've been getting packages from our families, and Molly has sent her family gifts. I am waiting for one more thing that I ordered to arrive so I can send a package to my family. Just been tired and working this week. It is good to be done with the semester -- I got my grades, too. :) I got an A+ in Greek! heehee

Anyway, just feeling too ick to post too much. But, of course, I have some quotes to share.

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